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What we do…

Welcome to 7evendigits.com (Pronounced seven-digits.com)

Our mission is simple – to be the leading space for reconnecting people who have just met 5 seconds ago or a lifetime ago.

Our service is completely free! Sign up today to join, swap, post, reply, chat and reconnect with the people you meet every day. Helping people reconnect is what we do and in return, hopefully, will make the world a better place. Reconnecting with people is easy with our 7D Profiles and message board.

7D Profiles – Swap personal or professional contacts in seconds

  • Contact information is accessible anywhere
  • Personalize the information about you
  • A paperless way to swap contacts
  • Easy, fast and accurate
  • Never lose a contact again!

Professional Profile – Finally, a business card with a personality! Our 7D professional profile not only includes the important information of your name, title, company and contact information but the “notes” section lets you tell people what makes you a success in your field. Once you accept a 7D professional profile from another 7D-user, it is in your contact list and you can immediately call or chat with the person right away within the app on your phone. You will never have to re-type, scan or run out of business cards again.

Personal Profile – Control the information you give out to people. Set up a 7D personal profile and let the world know that you’ve arrived! Our 7D personal profile lets you control the information you want people to see, put a little or a lot of information about yourself. You can start off by just using your 7D username or tell the world who you are and what you are all about, the decision is completely up to you. So go ahead, take a chance, swap digits with the person you were talking with at the bar, its fun and easy…what do you have to lose?

The best part of our 7D profile is your information is always private and no one can ever search for you within 7evendigit.com…as long as your user name is not your full name.

Message board with a purpose - How many times have you seen or talked with someone on the subway or at a mall but weren’t able to give them your number because you didn’t have a pen or ran out of business cards?

Met someone at a bar, gym, convention or even the grocery store and kicked yourself afterwards because you didn’t give them your contact information?

Lost contact with an old friend, co-worker, boyfriend, girlfriend, or “Undecided” and cannot get a hold of them because they’ve changed their name, moved or not on Facebook?

7evendigits.com is your second chance for reconnecting with someone who has crossed paths with you. Whether your reason for reconnecting is business, pleasure or somewhere in between, we want to help you answer the age-old question of “What if”…stop guessing.

Post a message and reconnect, it’s that simple!

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